Gentle treatment for product and environment

Differentiated cleaning methods are our strength. There are hardly any standards for reusable packaging and the assortment is huge. Mader has the right solutions for each container and cleans wet or dry to the highest cleanliness requirements. We strive to improve our high level services continuously, both, in terms of the level of quality of the cleaning processes, as well as of the range of reusable packaging, which is to be cleaned. For our customers, we even clean industrial products with different material properties meeting residual dirt requirements up to 200 μm.

In our industrial conveyer belt washing systems tenacious dirts such as oils and fats are removed as well as the smallest particles. For small series chamber washing facilities are available. At request, labels and tapes can also be neutralized or removed residue-free. Thus, we achieve a proven quality to not only meet the enormously increased cleanliness requirements in recent years, but to exceed them.

At six locations, we are using the latest methods and technologies for an always clean affair. 

Our cleaning facilities are operated with energy-efficient cogeneration plants. The waste heat can thus also be used cost-effectively and environmentally friendly for the drying process (combined heat and power). The detergents which are used for wet cleaning are neutral and environmentally friendly.

After cleaning, picking and sorting, Mader channels the clean packaging - with the help of E-Kanban - again into the empty packaging cycles.