Not only the content is prime

The planning, integration and operation of return logistics today requires high effort. The more comprehensive a container pool tends to be all the more necessary are professional management solutions.

Mader has recognized very early the importance of charge carriers within the logistics chain and relies on a highly efficient and web-based inventory management system. It creates the ability to manage and to dispose the stocks of charge carriers internationally.

Inventory management solutions can be easily integrated through existing interfaces and offer a variety of advantages: high transparency by displaying the internal and external container cycles, the availability of data in real time, increasing flexibility in short-term inventory changes, permanent inventory and ultimately lower costs for you as a customer.

The ecologically meaningful reusable packaging is customized exactly to your products and facilitates a flexible production through economic pool solutions. We monitor and control not only the stock of your carriers, but also the average retention time and the turnover frequency. Loss and bottleneck situations can be avoided and empty journeys reduced.