Always something on the stocks

You can concentrate on your products and your customers; we take care of the details. We surely have more in store than only stacking and managing your goods. With our value added services, we adapt to your special needs: from manual to fully automatic, as required by the particular situation.

Mader is your competent and versatile partner for packaging and warehouse logistics. We take care of the packaging of goods so that your valuable cargo is well protected during transportation. The range includes standard packaging such as cardboard boxes to export packaging including preservation for air freight or shipment.

Upon customer's requests Mader provides warehouse systems with reusable and disposable packaging. This protects your resources and saves money. Our highly trained staff takes charge when your goods are to be stored, handled, sorted, picked and packed. Your goods are kept optimally in our high rack, block and tote storages.

We provide assembly services where ever it makes sense for your production process. Our solutions include the supporting production of individual components to the complete assembly of components.

In our customs warehouses, you have the option to store your goods duty unpaid until the final use or destination is defined. This helps you to avoid additional customs and taxes. As an experienced contract logistics provider we also do the necessary customs formalities for you and thus ensure the cross-border movement of goods. If you wish, we will of course offer consignment stores for your suppliers.


Do not settle for standard solutions. Expect the Mader extra, you deserve.