Keeping things in motion

For the efficiency of a business it is upmost important that the production flow is not interrupted. At high cost pressures and low margins, no company can afford downtime. Therefore the choice of the right logistics company is even more significant.

We are the grist to your mills. We are keeping things in a steady flow and so your production never dries out. Mader coordinates and bridges the complex interface between your procurement logistics on the one side and the distribution logistics on the other side. In order to satisfy the growing needs of your customers, we design innovative concepts for efficient production processes based on the ambition of a holistic understanding of logistics.

Our state of the art shop-floor-system within production facilities is just one part of a large digital signal chain and controls the delivery frequency of your components according to a retrieval system. Such scheduled logistics generate an industrial domino effect, which avoids bottlenecks in the supply chain.

With smart inhouse-solutions à la Mader labor- and cost-intensive areas can be optimized and productivity significantly increased. You worry about your core business; we manage the logistics processes in the background. And because Mader always is ahead of the competition, we install mobile cleaning systems for contaminated reusable containers directly at the customer`s site.

Mader's production logistics are based on modern principles and proven procedures. These include supply concepts such as just-in-time (JIT), just-in-Sequence (JIS) or cross-docking (cross dock).