Starting up on the safe side

These days procurement logistics are considered as one of the essential elements for the success of a company. Those companies able to reduce material costs and procurement costs noticeably improve their profitability. With the procurement logistics of Mader you are from the beginning on the safe side. You can count on us when it comes to delivering goods to the production site, exactly at the time when they are needed. Mader controls and regulates the demand-based and economic supply of your company with external raw materials and goods – just as desired and also in your vicinity.

Mader supports the reliable and punctual handling of your logistics. We aggregate material flows, channel them and ideally dissolve backlogs. As an experienced contract logistics provider, Mader integrates your required goods in your manufacturing process and later controls the shipment to your customers.

From start to finish you are on the safe side with the logistics concept of Mader.