Why Mader? Because we are ready for any challenge

From the lived tradition of a medium-sized enterprise, Mader has developed over the years to an international service provider and recognized specialist in integrated logistics. Today, Mader stands for cost-efficient and highly flexible solutions as well as for latest technologies and intelligent logistics concepts.

Our employees, who are all excellently qualified and continuously participate in personal development trainings, understand logistics as their profession, as well as their vocation and passion. They have gained a lot of experience over the decades, providing them with a strong and successful basis. Yet they never understand their logistic mission as a routine, but always as a new challenge.

Our ability to develop client-specific concepts for every single customer makes us a valuable partner. We try to understand even the most complicated situation and act from the entrepreneurial point of view of our clients. With Mader you receive planning reliability and cost control right on target and from the very first minute.

Ever since our company stands for complete logistical handling solutions - from the cleaning of returnable packaging containers over the provision of raw material to the dispatch of finished goods.

Our customers value us as a reliable and trustworthy partner who integrates seamlessly in their value chain and who completes entire processes single-handed and capable - at any desired location and wherever needed.

With all thoughts and actions, we are always aware of our great responsibility and of our goal to measurably increase the value and competitiveness of our customers.